Internal Medicine San Diego

Dr. Khehar, Internal Medicine and Primary Care for San Diego.

Our unique convenience and matchless care make us leaders in the San Diego Primary Care Physician community. Our service is Responsive, Attentive, Thoughtful, Accurate and Thorough to assure your healthy well-being.

Convenient Location Comprehensive Care
  • 3260 3rd Ave San diego, CA 92103 Building
  • Same-day appointments & emergency response
  • Across from Scripps-Mercy Hospital
  • Qualified Medical & Administrative Staff
  • On-site Labs, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy Dept.
  • Vaccines daily - 8:30 a.m. to 4:45p.m.
  • On-site Specialists of many disciplines
  • Appointment scheduling & phone hours, 8-to-5.
  • Validated Next-Door Parking
  • Immediate emergency and hospital assistance
  • Office conveniently off elevator lobby
  • 24/7 physician on-call and emergency assistance

  • Full-spectrum health care venues: include: Our Office, Your Hospital, Skilled Nursing Centers, Acute Care Facilities, Hospices. Etc.,

    National Health Care Considerations

    Contact us regarding future changes in the Federal Health Care Program. Send us your specific inquiry.

    Primary Care for Adults of all ages!

    We provide preventive and screening medical services. We believe that patient care is best delivered through an individual patient/doctor relationship for continuity and mutual understanding.

    In this increasingly complex world of medicine, we will also help coordinate your care among necessary Specialist referrals, many of whom have offices in our building. We employ the latest computer and communication technology.
    We strive to provide the highest level of health care by focusing on both your emotional and physical well-being.

    We respect your time as we do our own and we emphasize promptness. We will not keep you waiting in our lobby!